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Oracle Yoga cards to deepen your yoga practice and your connection with the natural world within and around you. Oracle Yoga cards available for purchase online and at select retail outlets.

A free guided relaxation, breathe deeply and listen.
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Yogic Tranceformation taps into the original blueprint of our ancestral heritage. Weaving together yoga, dance, music, rituals, creativity and the the contemplation of nature, Yogic Tranceformation suggests a voyage across the infinite landscapes of the natural world as experienced through our body, mind and spirit.

Using our earthly vessel as a compass that guides us into the centre of our being, where all possibilities dwell, Yogic Tranceformation engages the seeker into a journey by which scattered parts of our being are gathered back into the whole. From this higher state of consciousness, one can then awaken to the original instructions that are provided by the soul and that are the universal basis for love, harmony, wholeness, grace and beauty.