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About SuryaChandra

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SuryaChandra (the Sun and the Moon) is a spiritual music ensemble that explores the healing power of sound through the practice of yogic chants. Individual members of SuryaChandra have up to over 30 years of experience in leading kirtan (call-and-response mantra chanting), and three of the members are also yoga teachers. They also offer Hatha Yoga and Sound Healing workshops accompanied by live music as well. SuryaChandra offer a taste of this beautiful way to connect with the Universal. The band is based in Nova Scotia and has been touring in various parts of North America and in Asia since 2012. Among musical instruments being used by SuryaChandra are the Indian sitar, israj and harmonium, the Arabian oud and doumbek, the Paraguayan harp, the guitar, the Navajo drone flute and the Celtic bouzouki.  You can listen to SuryaChandra two CDs (Mystic Tongue, 2010, and Sundaram, 2014) on the website.


Daniel McNeil:   sitar, guitar, tabla, darbouka, voice.

John Coleman:   sitar, harmonium, voice, bass, israj. www.fallriveryoga.com

Michelle Murton:   voice, harmonium, percussion, bass.  www.fallriveryoga.com

Julie Hopkins:   visual projections.

Vidhu:   oud (Arabian Lute), guitar, Celtic bouzouki, voice.

Maryz:   Paraguayan harp, voice, flute, percussion.


Sundaram by SuryaChandra (runs 5:09)

From the album Sundaram (runs 5:41)

SuryaChandra 2010 (runs 3:11)