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Into the Web of Connection (Links)

The links posted on this page are from like-minded people who provide inspiration and vitality to the vast web of life that we are all part of. May you weave yourself into this beautiful community of creative beings. 

Apprentiship links

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp: www.sivananda.org/camp/website/
Trance Dance Ritual: www.trancedance.com
The Cuyamungue Institute - Felicitas D. Goodman: www.cuyamungueinstitute.com
Vickie Dodd: www.sacredsoundschool.com
Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds: www.healingsounds.com
Lotus Palm - School of Thai Yoga Massage: www.lotuspalm.com
Laughter Yoga International - Dr. Kataria: www.laughteryoga.org
Yin Yoga: www.yinyoga.com
Facial Yoga: www.ayurvedicfacialyoga.com

On the dance floor

Barefoot Ecstatic Dance: https://www.facebook.com/groups/barefootecstaticdance/
Trance Dance: www.Trancedance.com

Spiritual community of Nova Scotia

Yoga Association of Nova Scotia: www.yogaatlantic.ca
Senior Yoga Teacher James Traverse: www.beingyoga.com
Journey into the mystical and sacred: www.fallriveryoga.com
Jody Myers, Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training: www.aytt.ca
Helen Fong's Yoga Space at: www.helenfong.info/yoga
The Art of Living Canada: www.artofliving.ca
shambhala Meditation Centre Halifax: http://halifax.shambhala.org

Yoga retreats

Yoga retreats and devotional chants with Divya Prabha: www.shiningbayyogaretreat.org

Luscious green connections

Savayda Jarone, Herbalist: www.mayflowerherbs.ca
Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia: http://herbalns.org

E-mail of the visual artist who have enriched this web site

holley@opendoor.com: Nancy Holley