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“It is the word which was the beginning of creation, and it is the word which opens the mystery of creation. The different centres of intuition, of inspiration, of evolution are touched by the sacred word.”
~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
Maryz and Pierre performing at a satsang

One of the meaning of the word kirtan stems from the Sanskrit roots as to 'praise'. Kirtan is a form of yoga called Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion towards the divine. The practice of kirtan involves call & response devotional chanting, often accompanied with musical instruments. The purpose of such gathering is to uplift the soul to a realm of higher state of consciousness that unifies the individual with the Infinite. Chanting & meditation clears the clutter of the mind, opens the heart and celebrate, through the repetition of holy names, the different qualities and aspects of the Celestial Source. The practice of Kirtan also helps to build the roots of a strong spiritual community in which everyone is welcomed and honored! Chanting the sacred names is a doorway to inner freedom, wholeness, connectedness, bliss and well-being. 

Maryz and Pierre have been hosting kirtan together for almost two decade. They offer kirtan throughout Canada and internationally. The chanting is accompanied by different instruments, such as guitar, harp, oud, bouzouki, harmonium and percussion… along with the sweet blanket of silence and meditation.


Resounding Joy – Kirtan with Maryz and Pierre! Our community is truly blessed with the presence and dedication of this beautiful, multi-talented couple who warmly welcome you into their home and hearts. Their sincerity and enthusiasm for all yoga forms is a sacred quest that they celebrate with voice, music, motion and profound silence. Their Kirtan are not to be missed; I give them my highest recommendation. Whenever the opportunity to connect with Maryz and Pierre arises ‘seize the day’ - bring your joyful spirit and sing for inner peace.

~ James Traverse (Yoga teacher and author of Nidra Yoga; the Power of Deep Sleep)


Sound Healing Circle

Join a healing sound circle and attune your voice to the creative fabric of vibration.

Sonic journey exploration that could be explored depending on the energy of the moment.

* the art of deep listening
* the sacred vowels of each chakra
* the power of intention, prayer and invocation
* mantra recitation
* the practice of overtones
* bija mantra
* movement and sound
* the Universal sound of Om; Hum your way to health
* Sonic yoga
* Ecstatic body posture: the singing chaman

For more info visit: www.healingsounds.com

Contact me for more information if you want to organize a sound healing circle in your home town.


" After experiencing a stressful event in my life, my blood pressure and heart rate were very high at 159/95 and a heart rate of 103, even if my routine settle down to normal, this rate remained high. Right after the sound healing circle, which was a very powerful healing experience for me, I tested my blood pressure again and my systolic blood pressure lowered by 30 points and my diastolic pressure by 10 points(they were 117/60 with a heart rate of 77.) I am so blessed!  I have sent the details as I am hoping you will definitely share with the hopes it might reinforce the power of "taking back our own power" and using energy healing techniques, including sound therapy, to keep our own palaces and castles in harmonic balance with overtones emanating out into the Universe."

~ Patricia

Published Article

The Healing Power of Sound
THE SOURCE • Health & Wellness Journal
October/November 2011, page 7

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